Our Mission

Bedrock Theatre's mission is to connect audiences to their environment and to each other through immersive storytelling in natural landscapes. Bedrock takes the idea of outdoor theatre a step further, not simply setting a play outside, but allowing the innate character of the scenery to inform the story we tell there. With music, movement, and person-to-person storytelling, our adaptations and original works are lovingly crafted to transform an ordinary path into the world of the tale.


Who we are and what we do

Bedrock Theatre is a nonprofit organization committed to utilizing art as a means for positive social change. We believe that nothing grows without a strong foundation, so everything we create operates within these core values:

  • We work towards environmentalism, social justice, and inclusion.

  • We value diverse viewpoints and create opportunities for underrepresented groups in our organization.

  • We commit to making art that is affordable for anyone who wants to experience it.

  • We work as a collaborative ensemble to elevate each other’s work.

  • We respect our artists as professionals and strive to compensate them fairly.

  • We believe there is magic to be found around the next bend in the path.



What audience members are saying

“There was so much to engage with between the music, the landscape and the language.”

“I walked away with a sense of peace and gratitude.”

“It’s that 'we’re all hanging out with guitars and we’re all together' feeling. It’s that feeling.”

“It reminded me that fairytales are of the woods. They come from this place and live here.”

“I loved the way the story just arose out of the conversation.”